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Below are answers to questions you may have about teeth whitening.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening or bleaching is the most conservative procedure to correct the discolouration of teeth resulting in a whiter and brighter smile.

What causes teeth to discolour?

There are many things that can cause teeth to discolour including the consumption of certain foods and drinks, antibiotics at a young age, ageing, smoking and trauma. Not allcauses of discolouration can be addressed by teeth whitening.

Before you choose to whiten your teeth, it is important to see your dentist to ensure that your teeth are suitable for whitening.

How does teeth whitening work?

The process of teeth whitening involves the use of an oxidising agent such as hydrogen or carbamide peroxide.

How long will the whitening last?

This will depend on how well your look after your teeth and avoid things that can stain the teeth.

Simply maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth and regular visits to the dentist for a professional clean can help to keep the teeth looking healthier.  Avoiding things such as tea, coffee, red wine, spicy foods and smoking can also help to reduce the staining of teeth.

What are the things that can go wrong?

There are a few potential side effects from teeth whitening. Usually they will be temporary in nature such as increased sensitivity of the teeth or the formation of blisters on the gums. This will generally resolve after the cessation of the whitening process. At Clarinda Clinic, our dentists can help to manage the sensitivity by changing the application times and the number of cycles of teeth whitening. You may also request for a desensitising gel which can help decrease sensitivity and be used before and after the whitening process.

What if I have existing fillings?

Teeth whitening will not change the colour of any existing fillings, crowns or veneers.

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